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It’s Your App. We Just Power It.

Finally, your business can have its own app… without the painful price tag.

“Just install my app…”

How long have you wanted to say those four words to your customers?

If you’ve ever looked into the costs, then you know it’s usually at least tens of thousands of dollars to get an app built for you. And once it’s built, you have to pay a few thousand more to keep it up and running every time Android and iOS have an update.

No wonder small businesses have been locked out of the app game!

That’s why we created AppDingo, a budget-friendly app platform for businesses like yours.

Facebook and Email Don’t Work Like They Used To…

Up until a few years ago, small businesses could promote themselves for free with just Facebook and email.

However, with the way Facebook works these days, most of your business page’s posts are going unseen. In fact, new studies show that your page’s posts reach only 2.2% of your followers!

So, unless you’re paying for ads, posting on Facebook is like shouting into an empty room.

And unfortunately, email marketing is no better. If you’re lucky, you might get a 20% open rate—which means 80% of those emails you’re working so hard on are getting trapped in the “promotions” tab, blocked by spam filters, or flat-out deleted before your customers ever read them.

AppDingo gives you an alternative way to reach your whole audience…

98% Open Rate? Yes, Please!

Did you know that smartphone users open text messages and app notifications at rates as high as 98%?

With your very own AppDingo app, you can send text blasts, push notifications, and direct messages directly to your  customers—and your customers will actually read them.

This means your customers receive the important info they need from you. In return, you get direct communication from them.

No spam filters, no unseen posts, just a straight line between you and your customers.

Interested in learning more? Check out our video series!

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What Can AppDingo Do For You?

Team Texting

On AppDingo’s messaging platform, you control who on your team can view and respond to customer messages.

For example, you and your technician might see an incoming message on your mobile phones, and your office manager may see it on their computer.  Any one of you can respond to the customer in real time, and the interaction will be totally seamless on your customer’s end.

And as the business owner, you have 100% oversight of messages between your staff and customers, which is a powerful quality assurance measure!

Broadcast Messages

Get around the email spam filter by sending messages to everyone on your app, instead! You can use this feature to announce new promotions, send appointment reminders, alert customers about seasonal maintenance, and more.

This comes in super-handy when a cancellation leaves you with an opening in your schedule. Through the app, you can send a broadcast message to see if anyone is interested in taking the newly available slot. No more lost revenue!

Coming Soon: AppDingo also allows you to write messages in advance and schedule them to be sent at a future date.

More Repeat Business

With your app already on their phone, and you sending them friendly reminders about upcoming appointments, specials, routine maintenance checks, and more, customers are more likely to stick with you.

Plus, let’s face it: No one likes talking on the phone anymore. So, if a customer can pull up your app and send you a quick text message rather than have to call you, you both win.

In other words, AppDingo will help you build familiarity and trust with your customers, and they’ll be less likely to seek out another provider.

Keep Your Cell Number Private

Messaging with customers through AppDingo means you don’t have to give out anyone’s personal phone number.

Instead, all of your team’s messages are housed on the app instead of being locked inside individual phones. This way, when a team member leaves or gets a new phone, you’ll still receive all of your messages.

Plus, you’ll have visibility into all conversations. No more wondering what a team member said to a customer because it’s all available in the app.

Get More Referrals

COMING SOON: Referrals are every business owner’s favorite type of lead. By the time a referral reaches out to you, it’s usually a done deal. Amazingly, AppDingo makes referrals more frequent than ever. How? By making it easy for your customers to refer you to their friends.

Now, when a customer’s neighbor asks, “Hey, do you know anyone who does ____?” the customer can pull up your app, tap a button, and share your info with them on the spot. Quick and easy!

Collect More Reviews

We all know that online reviews are critical to the success of any business. Unfortunately, collecting those reviews can be challenging, especially for small, local businesses.

AppDingo makes this part of your job easier by putting links to the internet’s top review sites right there in your app. This way, when you ask a customer to leave you a review, they can do it instantly with a simple tap of their finger.